ProExtenderWhat is a ProExtender?
The quest to extend the length of the penis has been going on for centuries. Men associate sexual power and performance with a large penis and some men will do almost anything to make their penis longer, as well as thicker. Indigenous men used stretching to increase the length of their penis and they suffered major complications in the process. Hanging is a common practice and is still used today by men in cultures that are not exposes to modern penis enlargement technology. Men, who stretch the penis by Hanging, tie a weight around the penis with a cord or a rope and leave it there until they see results. Those results can be broken blood vessels, bruising and impotence, as well as a slightly larger penis, although the size may not be permanent.

ProExtender uses the same concept as Hanging, but does not put the man through pain and suffering that occurs when the penis is stretched in such a crude fashion. ProExtender does stretch the penis, but it does it slowly using modern technology and equipment.

How Does ProExtender Work?
ProExtender is a surgical-grade device that slowly stretches the penis using applied pressure. The ProExtender includes a crib, called a saddle, which supports the shaft of the penis. There is a telescopic bar on each side of the saddle that adjusts the pressure on the penis and there is a loop at one end of the saddle that keeps the head of the penis stable. When the device is worn for 6 to 10 hours a day for several months, the length of the penis can be extended by as much as 2”. When the penis is stretched, the tissue in the shaft of the penis breaks down and spaces develop between the cells. The body automatically fills in those spaces with new cells and the result is a longer and wider penis.

Why is ProExtender The Best Product to Use?
ProExtender was developed in 1994 by a medical doctor and has been endorsed by several doctors worldwide. When ProExtender is used as directed the penis will be longer, as well as thicker without suffering the harmful side effects that are common when other devices are used. ProExtender is used in over 60 Public hospitals in Spain alone and over 29 countries use ProExtender in Private Clinics, as well as public hospitals. The ProExtender comes with an instructional DVD and all the attachments, so nothing else is needed to see results.

There are several penis extenders on the market, but ProExtender is the one that has been proven effective in treating Peyronie’s disease, which is curvature of the penis.

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